August Road Trip: Part IV

Toronto to Winnipeg

YWG to Banff 2017

When I learned that the closest The Descendents were coming to me on their 2017 tour was Calgary, I thought to myself, "Wow like I even need an excuse to go to Banff one more time" and immediately bought tickets and made plans. We rented a car and swore again that it will be our … Continue reading YWG to Banff 2017

A view from inside

My mother invited my boyfriend and I out to the family cabin last month for dinner and I was definitely pretty excited at the idea of entering the family residence for the first time in well over a decade. I expected for it to look completely different as I certainly must have grown two feet since last being inside...

A view from my childhood

On the way back from camping in Hecla I decided to stop in Winnipeg Beach for the night and save a bit of money on camping passes. My family has a cabin there, and it'd definitely been a long time since I'd been there. The place wasn't open for the season yet so we camped out in the backyard and made the most of it.