YWG to Banff 2017

When I learned that the closest The Descendents were coming to me on their 2017 tour was Calgary, I thought to myself, “Wow like I even need an excuse to go to Banff one more time” and immediately bought tickets and made plans. We rented a car and swore again that it will be our last trip west until we make it all the way east.

Blog posts now featuring Canon and Android technologies.



Virden, MB.



The Moon ❤










16th Ave, Calgary



Downtown Calgary skylines, from Nose Hill.



Sudden mountain weather changes






Sulphur Mountain



Banff Fairmont Hotel



Town of Banff fromSulphur Mountain



Banff gondola ride






Sulphur Mounatin peak






Sulphur Mountain peak



Town of Banff from Sulphur Mountain



Sudden weather changes



Sulphur Mountain Trail



Rocky Mountains



“Whosoever delights in solitude is either a wild beast, or a God.” – Aristotle



Sulphur Mountain Trail



Views from the Gondola



Sulphur Mountain peak



“How heavy do I journey on the way,

When what I seek, my weary travels end,

Doth teach that case and repose to say,

Thus far the miles are measured from thy friend!

The beast that bears me, tired with my woe,

plods dully on, to bear that weight in me,

As if by some instinct the wretch did know

His rider loved not speed being made from thee.

The bloody spur cannot provoke him on

That sometimes anger thrusts into his hide,

Which heavily he answers with a groan,

More sharp to me than spurring to his side;

For that same groan doth put this in my mind:

My grief lies onward and my joy behind.”



Banff, AB



“We want to be free! Free to do what we want to do! Free to Ride! Free to ride our machines without being hassled by the man!” -Peter Fonda, Wild Angels



Beautiful mountain peaks



Calgary, AB



Rural Alberta



Sulphur Mountain and town of Banff panoramic photo stitch.



Rural Saskatchewan



Gondola Views



Banff, AB



Living Sky



Living Sky



Calgary Android Panorama shot from Nose Hill.20170506_222555smsig

The DescendentPans



Android Panoramic Gondola Views



Rural Alberta, Rocky Mountain skyline




Stay tuned!




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