YWG to Banff 2017

When I learned that the closest The Descendents were coming to me on their 2017 tour was Calgary, I thought to myself, "Wow like I even need an excuse to go to Banff one more time" and immediately bought tickets and made plans. We rented a car and swore again that it will be our … Continue reading YWG to Banff 2017

Highway 93

Resting on the B.C./Alberta provincial border at 10,878 km2, is Jasper National Park, the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies. I've only been to Jasper once before and I very much went through it, but this time around I was able to check things about a bit more.     We drove through the night from … Continue reading Highway 93

New Directions

Restless, we escaped our prairie city and drove into the night, through the blinding fog and across borders. When the sun rose upon us we were under the living sky and climbing the foothills with leaps and bounds. That's when the vibrations began...