New Directions

Highway 1 West bound.
Highway 1 West bound.


Restless, we escaped our prairie city and drove into the night, through blinding night fog and across borders. When the sun rose upon us we were under the living sky and climbing the foothills with leaps and bounds. That’s when the vibrations began….
Foreboding and treacherous, the hills threatened to claim our noble stead, and after a long battle through the highest plateaus of the great continental divide, we descended upon the Pacific coast, across the strait and into the true Canadian promise land.
Twisting and turning through the gentle rain forest, we arrived at the western edge of the country and were awarded for our perseverance with the beautiful naked body of mother earth herself. Silent observance as her waves crashed into the rocks in perfect symphony.


Highway 16 West to Jasper.

Alberta Sunset
Highway 93 from Jasper to Banff AB

452smsigHighway 93, somewhere near the Columbia Ice Feilds.

477smsigHighway 1 westbound.

598smsigHighway 5 westbound.

837smsigStanley Park, Vancouver.

891smsigThese shoes were made for exploring!

929smbwsigStanley Park, Vancouver.

969smsigMosiac in the water fountain outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

1015smsigDouglas Coupland Exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

1052smsigDouglas Coupland Exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

1130smsigInside Craigderoch Castle, Victoria BC.

1192smsigInside Craigderoch Castle, Victoria BC.

1233smsigView from Craigderoch Castle, Victoria BC.

1360smsigFlowers on Dallas Road, Victoria BC.


Dallas Road, Victoria BC.

1505smsigStrait of Georgia from Dallas Road.

1536smsigViewpoint of the Strait of Georgia, Victoria BC.

1559smsigViewpoint of the Strait of Georgia from Dallas Road.

1585smsigWild blackberries everywhere!

1639smsigView of Victoria from Mount Douglas.

1653smsigMap on top of Mount Douglas.

1773smsigFlowers outside the parliament building.

1804smsigInside the parliament building. Victoira BC.

1869smsigNature abstracts at a small lake on the island.

1903smsigPlant life on the island.

2153smsigFound art at Jingle Pot Campground.

2194smsigFlowers at Jingle Pot Campground.

2320smsigHighway 4 westbound.

2325smsigHighway 4 westbound.

2377smsigLong Beach, Tofino BC.

2458smsigAmphirtite Light House, Ucluelet BC.

3198smsigPlant Life on the west coast.

3333smsigPacific Ocean shoreline, Ucluelet BC.

3338smsigPacific Ocean.

3400smsigMarine plant life, Ucluelet BC.

3403smsigShoreline at Amphitrite Light House.

3444smsigPacific Ocean.

3489smsigHighway 4 eastbound.

3505smsigIsland sunset.

3584smsigCathedral Grove.

3612smsigCathedral Grove.

3676smsigCathedral Grove.

3718smsigCathedral Grove.

3757smsigCathedral Grove.

3798smsigCathedral Grove.

3810smsigCathedral Grove.

3990smsigLittle Qualicum Falls.

4042smsigLittle Qualicum Falls.

4094smsigStrait of Georgia.

4111smsigBack to the mainland!

2524smsigVancouver Island.

2529smsigWest Vancouver.

2555smsigSunset over Vancouver Island.

2569smsigSunset over Vancouver Island.

4234smsigStrait of Georgia.

4265smsigStrait of Georgia.

4271smsigStrait of Georgia.

2681smsigFoggy morning in the Fraser Valley.

2683smsigFoggy morning in the Fraser Valley.

2774smsigFoggy morning in the Fraser Valley.

2816smsigFoggy morning in the Fraser Valley.

2825smsigFoggy morning in the Fraser Valley.

2865smsigPit stop!

2870smsigPit Stop!

2897smsigHighway 1 eastbound.

2993smsigHighway 1 eastbound.

3010smsigHighway 1 eastbound.

3013smsigHighway 1 eastbound.

3157AsmsigHighway 1 eastbound.

2491smsigThe last photo I took, roughly 300km before the car died.


More Information about Cathedral Grove –

More Information about Jingle Pot Campground – Jingle Pot RV Park, 4012 Jingple Pot Road Nanaimo BC V9t 5P9

Dead Car. Photo courtesy of Jonny Waldner.
Dead Car. Photo courtesy of Jonny Waldner.

One thought on “New Directions

  1. You have done an amazing job. If I where young again I would so go on an exhibition like you guys did. I loved all the pictures. It’s awesome!!


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