Hunt Lake – March 17 2019

The Beautiful Hunt Lake Hiking Trail near Falcon Lake. March 17 2019. All photos available for print. Please contact me for pricing at  

Chadstock 2018

Chadstock 2018 went down back in August. Great bands and great close knit community of metal friends and fans in attendance. I couldn't make it for Friday night but I was there all Saturday taking photos until my battery died. Apologies to the bands I missed photos of, I still heard you, and your were … Continue reading Chadstock 2018

Spruce Woods Provincial Park

It's been a while in a few ways. I have a bad habit of dropping things, only to pick it back up when inspiration rolls back my way again. It was a logn boring winter for me. I really wanted to get out of the city and capture beautiful landscapes, but found I did not … Continue reading Spruce Woods Provincial Park

A walk through the forest

I actually greatly enjoy photographing the statues because you can still catch a bit of that models character, captured in stone years later.

New Directions

Restless, we escaped our prairie city and drove into the night, through the blinding fog and across borders. When the sun rose upon us we were under the living sky and climbing the foothills with leaps and bounds. That's when the vibrations began...