Wreckin’ So – March 13 2019

WRECKIN' SO Live at the Burton Cummings Theatre March 13 2019     ♥ facebook instagram    

Travis Nolette’s Birthday Bash

Live at Bulldog Event Centre FEATURING Blöödörn https://www.facebook.com/bloodorn204/ Yer Mum https://www.facebook.com/YER-MUM-678156995562238/ Death Tax https://www.facebook.com/deathtaxwpg/ Ugly T and the Unmentionables https://www.facebook.com/uglyandunmentionable/ Hippo https://www.facebook.com/hippowpg/ Dissident Mindset https://www.facebook.com/dissidentmindset/    

Rock N Roulette – 90’s Alt Rock Edition

FEATURING Members of M&M Meats, Man Candy, and The Psychics as HOLE Members of June Killing Stones as NIRVANA Live at the Handsome Daughter Hosted by Tyler Penner ©2019 Jess Mann Photography     ♥  

Rock N Roulette – Stoner Metal Edition

  "Sleep" and "Black Sabbath" took over the Handsome Daughter on February 22, 2019. "Sleep" played by Ogimaa "Black Sabbath" played by members of Tusk and Look North      Facebook 500px