Weekly Round-up April 29 2020

Hi friends! It was a slow one this week. The fatigue of quarantine is real and a lot of us are having trouble contacting the government. Here what I found this week:   Trampoline released their song 'Escher' on Spotify. Here's the video from earlier this year!   Humous put together THIS video of an … Continue reading Weekly Round-up April 29 2020


CELL debuting their album ANCIENT INCANTATIONS OF XARBOS at the Park Theatre, March 8 2019, with OSSIFIC, ALTARS OF GRIEF, and ARCHAGATHUS. OSSIFIC   ALTARS OF GRIEF   ARCHAGATHUS   CELL   ♥ facebook instagram

Wreckin’ So – March 13 2019

WRECKIN' SO Live at the Burton Cummings Theatre March 13 2019     ♥ facebook instagram    

Travis Nolette’s Birthday Bash

Live at Bulldog Event Centre FEATURING Blöödörn https://www.facebook.com/bloodorn204/ Yer Mum https://www.facebook.com/YER-MUM-678156995562238/ Death Tax https://www.facebook.com/deathtaxwpg/ Ugly T and the Unmentionables https://www.facebook.com/uglyandunmentionable/ Hippo https://www.facebook.com/hippowpg/ Dissident Mindset https://www.facebook.com/dissidentmindset/