Spruce Woods Provincial Park

It’s been a while in a few ways. I have a bad habit of dropping things, only to pick it back up when inspiration rolls back my way again. It was a logn boring winter for me. I really wanted to get out of the city and capture beautiful landscapes, but found I did not have the means. Gas may be fairly low right now but I do still have a budget to live on. I also don’t handle the cold very well and it was a long winter of -40 C plus windchill factor. On one midwinter occasion is wasn’t completely awful out and I went for a drive through the whiteshell.

_MG_4307smsig_MG_4325smsig_MG_4359 (1)smsig


Finally, one day last week, I managed to make a trip out to Spruce Woods Provincial Park. A few friends were going to do a group photo shoot outing so I tagged along with my boyfriend and crossed paths with them in the park. It wasn’t a particularly nice day but I managed to get some interesting photos of one of my favourite places in the world.







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