Piss on you – Winnipeg’s early punk scene

On Saturday, October 17th 2015, young and old dedicated punk fans in Winnipeg alike, gathered at the Pyramid Cabaret to see old friends, celebrate a stellar time for punk music, and witness a piece of the magic that was the Winnipeg punk scene in the late 70’s and all of the 80’s. When I first saw the facebook event, shared by Chris Walter, a Vancouver based author originating from Winnipeg who would be showing off his latest novel “Richie Dagger: Life and Times” at the event, I was beyond excited to see “The Unwanted” on the bill. Although it was not the  2008 line-up I was first introduced to while volunteering at the West End Cultural Centre, it was still an awesome night of Winnipeg Punk history and greatness.

The night was comprised first of a viewing of the documentary by Kathryn Martin, which was then followed by a rotating cast of band members from Personality Crisis, The Stretch Marks, The Unwanted, Nostrils, Ruggedy Anne’s, Dub Rifles and Manic Depressors.




Chris Walter – GFY Press

More info on Kathryn Martin





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