An update about stuff, and things.

It’s been a rough spring. My day job has been pretty hectic, and my boyfriend spent the last few months in school completing his level one mechanic training. Due to some EI complications, we’ve been living off my cooks wage. Granted I’ve worked hard and make more than the average cook, it’s still a very small amount of money to support two people on. We opted not to insure our car to save money, but my adventuring and photography suffered as a direct result.


I now have made it through yet another dark tunnel of life. The car is insured, and we’ve been able to break free of our city jail a handful of times! I’ve finally been putting my zoom lens to work.


Our car is not in tip-top position so we’ve been popping over to Birds Hill Provincial Park to jump in the lake and go for walks as it is near enough to Winnipeg that if the car does finally die, it won’t be hard to find a ride.

Now that summer is here, so are more photo opportunities. After a 35 hour work weekend, I took some time out to catch the Dirty Catfish Brass Band at Jazzfest. I’ve been a bit partial to Jazz and Funk lately and have been jamming on their tunes for weeks now. Expect a full post.


Last weekend we headed up to Steep Rock, Manitoba to camp and see the beautiful lakeside limestone cliffs. Expect a full post.


This weekend we escaped to the Whiteshell to check on the 12.6 km Hunt Lake trail, which was absolutely worth it. I could go on here but then I wouldn’t have anything to say in the full blog post.


I’ll be in Edmonton and Jasper from July 22-25 for a friend’s birthday and to have a bit of a mountain vacation. Ever since 2010 when I first saw the Rockies, I seem to get quite agitated when I go to long without amazing mountain adventure. There are two more weekends between then and now, so It’s hard to say what else my photo future may hold. I’m always on the lookout for a new scenic day hike.

As a bit of a side project, and a way to not only mke sure I write these things down but to also challenge myself creatively, I’ve started a food blog! You can check it out at Rebel City Eats.


Until next time!


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