Steep Rock

Nestled on the shore of Lake Manitoba, a mere two hundred and thirty-five kilometres from the heart of Winnipeg is a gem I feel guilty for exposing, but would feel equally guilty for with-holding. It’s one of many places that stands as testimony to all the nay-sayers of our provinces beauty. Manitoba is not boring.




Steep Rock is a little town and campground that does not boast many amenities, and a just heads up: Your last stop for substantial supplies and gas is in Moosehorn, roughly twenty minutes south back to Winnipeg.

What is does have though, is beautiful scenery. Limestone cliffs that beg for exploration adorn the shoreline of a beautiful clear lake, leading into an endless horizon. The water was warm, the few locals we ran into were friendly, and we were treated to quite a show as a heavy storm rolled through and over the lake.





































Until next time!




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