Winter 2016

Just a little end of 2016 round-up. I've managed to be a little more productive as the new year turned. Final 2016 additions includes the best shot of the super moon I coudl get, and some new additions to the abstracts project.     Facebook 500px

Midsummer Dreams

The following is a selection of photographs from in and around Winnipeg, taken at random, and which do not fit in any particular set or series. Shot over the course of summer 2016.

A view from my childhood

On the way back from camping in Hecla I decided to stop in Winnipeg Beach for the night and save a bit of money on camping passes. My family has a cabin there, and it'd definitely been a long time since I'd been there. The place wasn't open for the season yet so we camped out in the backyard and made the most of it.