Weekly Round-up April 1, 2020

Hey Pals. It’s been another week at home for a lot of us and there have been a bunch of things happening online to check out so let’s get into it!




MUNG and Death Tax will be doing another live stream from Travis’s basement in support of Bulldog Pizza April 10th at 8:30pm. Check out the GoFundMe HERE.




Jeremy Williamez was live March 30th. See the video HERE!


Joshua Letkemen did another live sessions on March 30th, you can check that video out HERE.


The Perpetrators were live March 29! Check it out HERE.


The folks over at Red Tie Live put together this video mix and streamed it live March 29th. Check it out HERE and watch a bunch of great local music videos!


And the biggest one of all, as part of the #CanadaPerforms movement, our hometown childhood music hero Fred Penner is still inspiring whole generations and was live March 29. See the video HERE!



TAPEWORM is the latest project from my pal and local man, myth, and legend, Andre Cornejo. Using tape loops and samplers, he creates dark and experimental ‘beep boop noises’ inspired by the classic 404 sampler sound and deep cut sound bites.

HERE is the set he would have played at a gig that was recently cancelled due to the virus.

And HERE is a track he released on March 30th.



Trampoline released a very cool new music video! Watch it HERE!

Cause of Death is probably the youngest band in the Winnipeg metal scene but they are easily one of the most talented as well. They released their first EP back on the 24th, check it out on Spotify!





Local Tattoo Artist Tesia Rhind has a ton of prints for sale. Head over to her Instagram HERE to check them out!


Local Illustrator and Graphic Design Artist Rhianna Browne over at Rhi Rhi Draws is still taking digital commissions. Check out her work HERE!


Intergalactic Sauces has a fresh match of Cosmic Coyote available. Get your own bottle HERE.



And if you prefer a more fruity hot sauce, then 1882 Fruit Based Hot Sauce has you covered HERE.



There’s a really important fundraiser going around this week, and it’s in support of MLCC employees receiving hazard pay for having to stay open and on the job. You can add your name to the petition HERE.





An Anishinaabe woodsman has taken his skills online to teach survival classes. Check out the CBC article HERE.

The Winnipeg Free Press has published a directory of the businesses that are still open. Check it out HERE.

And to close out this weeks batch of things, I thought I would leave you all with something I found some time ago, that’s been on the internet for longer than I know. If you love music and exploring new genres, you will love the limitless possibilities of Every Noise at Once.

That’s all for this week folks! Stay safe, stay home if you can, and wash your hands!


(Featured image: TAPEWORM Bandcamp)


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