Weekly Round-Up April 08, 2020

Hi Friends! Seems like it was a bit slow this week for live streams, though I am probably just missing out on a bunch! Please contact me with your live stream details and I will share it on all platforms! Anyways, let’s get into it!

Live Streams


Mung and Death Tax in support of Bulldog Pizza, April 10th. More details HERE.


Anomalism will be live April 18th! Go HERE for more details!




House Handshake was live April 6th. Check it out HERE.

Joshua Letkemen was live again, this time doing NOFX and Rancid covers! Check it out HERE.




Rhi Rhi draws went live a few times this week. Check out her Twitch feed HERE.

I’ve still been posting to Instagram everyday to keep up with the algorithm, but instead of posting old live shots I’ve been posting photos of Winnipeg from my isolation walks. Check them out HERE or HERE.





Ashley Megan is the face behind Fusion Fest and Moonchild Promotions. She’s been having a real rough go of things lately including a surprise vet bill. Please consider donating to the GoFundMe campaign HERE.


Well that’s all for this weeks! Remember to email me at jessmanphotography or tag or message The Great Canadian Indie Distancing Project on facebook to let me know about live streams, new music releases, are, fundraisers, or community initiatives that need some attention!


Stay safe and wash your hands!

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