Weekly Round-up March 26 2020

Hi Friends!
Okay so I might be jumping the gun a bit calling this a weekly round-up. For starters I meant to do this on Monday but I have been having quite the struggle with staying focused while at home. There’s apps to be scrolled through, cats to be pet, and sims to be played! But I’m finally here and it’s time to do this.
Here’s a round-up of things I’ve found when I should have been working on my EI application.




Winnipeg Blues Queen Romi Mayes will be broadcasting live from her living room to your tomorrow, March 27 2020, at 3pm! Details can be found HERE.


Canadian childhood mainstay Fred Penner will be doing a live broadcast this Sunday, March 29th 2020, at 2pm. You can find more details HERE.


The Northern Royals in partnership with the Kinds Head Pub and The Village Idiots will be streaming on Live at the Roslyn April 8th 2020 at 8pm. More details HERE.


The Village idiots are also doing an open mic live stream tomorrow, March 27 2020, at 4pm! Check it out HERE.



Folk artist Joshua Letkeman did a live stream last Tuesday, March 24. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

Nic Dyson also did a live stream Tuesday March 24 2020, check it out HERE.

A few of our favorite local heavy metal bands got together last week for a live stream in support of the Ninjacat Productions Fundraiser that has since hit its goal!! check out Inhumed’s set HERE, Cell’s set HERE, and Leg Marks set HERE.

Death Tax and Mung live streamed March 20 2020, check it out HERE.




Local beat master Crabskull has released all ten of their beat tapes for free on bandcamp. Check it out HERE.

Kieran Witford of Cerulean Skies released this indie folk cover of White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes. Check it out HERE.

The Rainy Day Apparel is planning on releasing a bunch of songs that will be part of the Hindsight Sessions EP. Check out ‘Map’ HERE.

Geoff Coran of Dojo Kobra has been working on a solo project called Kalameet and he recently released an album of dungeon music. Check it out HERE.

Throne Catcher has released a NSFW horror music video that’s worth the watch. Check it out HERE.




I haven’t noticed any new ones spring up in light of the pandemic, so here are an handful of old favorites to catch up on.




Much Music has released all of their episodes of Intimate and Interactive. Prepare yourself for big throwback vibes and check them out HERE.

Thanks to Archive.org you can now play Canadian childhood staple video game ‘Cross Country Canada’! Click HERE for more details.

Forgotten Manitoba “A short film featuring some of the most thrilling abandoned buildings in Manitoba”. Produced by Chris Attrell, you can view it HERE.



We’ll start off with a bit of good news, the Gofundme campaign for Cory Thomas and Ninjacat Productions reached it’s goal! This is amazing news! It’s a wonderful thing to see a community come together like this.

THIS Montreal based fundraiser in support of music venues still needs help!
And lastly, two great Manitoba based resources have popped up recently. First there is the Winnipeg Mutual Aid Society facebook group which has already hit 2000 members, and second the Manitoba government in partnership with North Forge created Help Next Door MB! Both places are great resources to connect people in need of essential items or services with those that can help them!

Alright that’s this weeks collection of things! What are you doing to keep busy? And how do you manage to stay focused while trying to work from home?

Stay safe and wash your hands!



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