Temporary Re-branding

At some point today, I will be re-branding all of my online platforms. I have no plans or expectations for live music shows in the foreseeable future, which means I personally find myself unable to generate new music related content in the way I’ve been doing it thus far.

I’ve already been promoting other local music related things. Facebook live sessions, fundraisers, and I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that in order to A: keep busy and B: cohesively help promote local music and art and community initiatives and news, I am going to re-brand to being more of a blog or online magazine focused on the aforementioned topics. This page and my website will be altered, however my IG will remain relatively the same, and all photo albums and posts will remain intact. I may start sharing things other than my own photos on my IG, but you can still go there for your daily dose of black and white photography.

Basically I just want to use what platform and network I have built up to inject something into your collective news feeds that isn’t scary and virus related.

Things will continue this way for the duration of the pandemic, however long that may be.

When things go back to normal I will switch everything back. Or maybe evolve yet again. We’ll see.

Stay tuned.

Open to clever name suggestions.

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