The Hunt Lake Hiking trail is a well-known and yet hidden gem. The trail head lies beyond the parking lot and a short walk down a gravel roadway past some private property. It is an arduous 12.6 kilometre round hike up and down crumbled rocks and winding tree vines along Hunt Lake and West Hawk Lake. The main draw to this trail is a small cave in a cliff face which can be reached by the adventurous hiker by free climbing a short distance to it. I’ve been to the end of the trail once before but on this day we arrived too late in the day to have made it before nightfall, but it was an enjoyable hike all the same with beautiful lake views as the sun was setting on the way back.

_DSC5139 (1)

_DSC5125 (1)

_DSC5128 (1)



_DSC5168 (1)

_DSC5186 (1)

_DSC5190 (1)

_DSC5194 (1)

_DSC5225 (1)

_DSC5231 (1)

_DSC5239 (1)

_DSC5240 (1)

_DSC5246 (1)

_DSC5254 (1)

_DSC5281 (1)

_DSC5286 (1)

_DSC5330 (1)

_DSC5336 (1)

_DSC5351 (1)

_DSC5364 (1)




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