Weekly Round-Up April 22 2020

Hey pals! Busy week this week for new music so here we go!


Live Streams


MB Live sessions presented by Manitoba Film and Music will be doing live streams every Thursday at 7pm. Go HERE to stay up to date!


Kelly Astrope is still cracking at it over on their twitch feed. Check it out HERE and subscribe!



Mirina Van Der Veen of Holy Void was live on April 18th. You can see the video HERE.


New Music

Mouthfeel released a new music video and album this week AND it’s available for free download on Bandcamp. See the music video HERE and listen to the album HERE.



Last month the Amadians released a new music video and it just passed 100,000 views!!! Check it out!


Local heavy metal king pins VOTOV put out a Guitar/Vox/Lyrics video for their track ‘Blessphemy’.


Ari IQ released ‘The Weight of the World’ earlier this week. Check it out on bandcamp HERE!



July Talk released a new music video for their track ‘Governess Shadow’ off of their upcoming release ‘Pray for it’



I am not necessarily a podcast person. I have a hard time staying focused and have to rewind a LOT. I’ve also struggled to find time to add another form of media consumption into my everyday life because on top of being a music fan I’m also a low-key cinephile. Mt two main go-to’s, A Sordid Hour and Witchpolice Radio are still releasing new episodes every week and Witchpolice will be celebrating it’s 500th episode pretty soon! Recently though a friend pointed out a new podcast to me that I have been enjoying. Seriously Wrong bills themselves as “Utopian leftist comedy podcast”. I listened to their episode about the Winnipeg General Strike and while I wasn’t completely sure what was happening the whole time, it was hilarious and weird and quirky.



Readymix The Movie is set to be released tomorrow!

One final important note – Bandcamp will be giving all sale proceeds directly to bands again on May 1st so be sure to grab some merch and buy some albums from your favorite local artists!

That’s all folks! Have a great week!

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