August 2017 Road trip: Part III

“There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.”

-William Shakespeare





















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_MG_8370 (1)smsig

_MG_8413 (1)smsig

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_MG_8440 (1)smsig

_MG_8443 (1)smsig

_MG_8449 (1)smsig


The Shakespeare Gardens

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_MG_8468 (1)smsig

_MG_8482 (1)smsig

_MG_8483 (1)smsig

_MG_8490 (1)smsig

_MG_8501 (1)smsig

_MG_8513 (1)smsig

_MG_8519 (1)smsig

_MG_8521 (1)smsig

_MG_8526 (1)smsig

_MG_8536 (1)smsig

_MG_8538 (1)smsig

_MG_8540 (1)smsig

_MG_8553 (1)smsig

_MG_8558 (1)smsig

_MG_8559 (1)smsig

_MG_8567 (1)smsig

_MG_8584 (1)smsig

_MG_8596 (1)smsig

_MG_8598 (1)smsig

_MG_8608 (1)smsig

_MG_8623 (1)smsig

_MG_8626 (1)smsig

_MG_8627 (1)smsig

_MG_8634 (1)smsig

_MG_8646 (1)smsig


Niagara Falls

_MG_8661 (1)smsig

_MG_8678 (1)smsig

_MG_8741 (1)smsig

_MG_8795 (1)smsig

_MG_8828 (1)smsig

_MG_8839 (1)smsig

_MG_8846 (1)smsig

_MG_8848 (1)smsig

_MG_8852 (1)smsig

_MG_8854 (1)smsig

_MG_8855 (1)smsig

_MG_8856 (1)smsig

_MG_8866 (1)smsig

_MG_8871 (1)smsig_MG_8875 (1)smsig

_MG_8877 (1)smsig

_MG_8879 (1)smsig

_MG_8882 (1)smsig

_MG_8883 (1)smsig

_MG_8888 (1)smsig


_MG_8909 (1)smsig

_MG_8919 (1)smsig


_MG_8943AA (1)smsig

_MG_8945 (1)smsig

_MG_8953 (1)smsig

_MG_8970 (1)smsig



_MG_8984 (1)smsig


_MG_8990 (1)smsig

_MG_8993 (1)smsig


_MG_9071 (1)smsig

_MG_9087 (1)smsig

_MG_9100 (1)smsig

_MG_9145 (1)smsig

_MG_9159 (1)smsig

_MG_9161 (1)smsig

_MG_9172 (1)smsig

_MG_9232 (1)smsig

_MG_9235 (1)smsig

_MG_9254 (1)smsig

_MG_9281 (1)smsig

_MG_9307 (1)smsig


_MG_9321 (1)smsig

_MG_9331 (1)smsig

_MG_9337 (1)smsig

_MG_9378 (1)smsig



















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