End; Begin. A punk double feature.

Nuit Blanche provides endless opportunities for photo ops and exploration of ones own city late at night, but I just went for the punk show at the Neon Factory which, upon my arrival, I learned was the last night it would be open for business. So why not throw a huge messy punk show? I ran into many people I knew that night and a few agreed it was about the most quintessentially punk rock thing we’d ever witnessed.  The bands, set up where the alleyways met, set their mixing equipment up on top of the garbage and recycling bins. There was next to no light. The mosh pit was out of control and the crowd was packed like sardines, so much so that s you will see I was unable to get any really decent shots of the night. There were other photographers who clearly were feeling more daring than I was that night and I’m sure their great shots are out there. Here’s two shots of Artifical Dissemination who were so good I bought a t-shirt and an album.




That same weekend, the st.b hotel became Club St. B, home of the return of Punk Rock Fridays. My friend Norman Simm of the Unwanted was playing with his new band, the Murderbirds, so of course I had to go check it out. I caught Dissident Mindset AND the MurderBirds.
























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