‘Brumation’ is more than just a clever title. It is the second full length album by my friends and Winnipeg metal demigods, Dead Ranch.




Guys, this album fucking rules. It keeps your head banging along the whole way through as one song evolves seamlessly into the next. Maybe I’ve got a conflict of interest from having known the guys so long, but for me, Dead Ranch is one of the few bands out there that manage to capture all the raw energy from their live shows and put it on a record.
























































The show was amazing. The crowd was awesome. I’ve done my time in the pits and I’ve never met such a considerate bunch of metal heads throwing each other around as I did that night. A few people were trying to act as a barrier between the pit and the people like me who just want to be stage front. I don’t imagine he will see this, but shout out to the dude who tried to warn me a mosh-pit was starting. It had never really stopped and my legs were surely already bruised, but that was just so damn considerate, so thanks!!!


Listen to Brumation here.

Stay tuned to Dead Ranch here

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