The Bringing BTS

It’s been an odd winter here in Manitoba and the unique weather cause some equally unique formations of snow and sand to build up on the shores of Lake Winnipeg in the town of Winnipeg beach. Being familiar with the town I can say that this little nook of summer paradise can build some big waves when the wind picks up, so I wasn’t surprised when I discovered a news article about the unique forms and ran off to check it out with my dear friend Jen.

We scoped out the scene initially in January and almost went full tilt concept shoot, but it was a very, very cold day that day, -40 with the windchill. So I opted to keep my layers on and we agreed to plan something for another day.

Jen got a model arranged, Attieh E, and put out an open invite which brought in two other helpers/photographers for the day, Colin Macdonald and Michael Legge.



















































Xcetera Photography


500 px

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