Well friends, it’s been a while! My home internet connection has been cut off, but I’m here at my local starbucks abusing the WiFi in order to get some posts scheduled for you all!

It’s been a long, boring two months since I took the plunge and quit my full time job. I had an uplifting push of client work right out the gate and even sold a print for more money then I’ve ever earned at once from my photography work! It was a small sum but still confidence boosting. Alas, client interest has halted. I’m working on formulating a plan to turn this around.

Now the the negative stuff is out of the way I can get to the good news! I found a job with a fundraising organization! Sounds fishy but it’s great because I’ll get paid hourly rather then on commission and the company is secular and LGBT friendly. It felt like I bombed my first day worse then most. The second day went better. You’ve just got to keep your head up!

This summer I will be teaming up with Stardust Photography to shoot weddings! Whoo!

Lastly in the brief news update: I created a new group on facebook called NaturePorn! More specifically, it is called NaturePorn: A Manitoban Photography Collective. It is my goal to create a positive community for photographers and art lovers with Manitoba residency or ties to share their nature and landscape photography and love for nature! The photos posted don’t have to be taken in Manitoba though it is encouraged! You just have to be in or love Manitoba!

Now onto the point!

Last weekend it was my 26th birthday, an as such I got the hell out of Winnipeg. This year my boyfriend and I took the drive up to Hecla Island. It’s part of Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park. For some weird reason google maps does not recognize the park but it’s there, and it’s beautiful! I have a lot of panoramic shots to stich together from that, and I’ve been trying to get out of town a lot in the last few weeks. So today, what I have for you is the trip I took up to Pinawa Dam Provincial Park a few weeks ago. I’ve been watching fellow photographers get amazing shots out of this location for some time now, so I was a bit disappointed with how the weather was that day but I made the best of it!



_MG_0458bigsig _MG_0461bigsig _MG_0476bigsig













Until next time!




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