The Great Canadian Indie Distancing Project was launched March 22, 2020 in response to the global pandemic, COVID-19, which has dramatically changed all of our lives.

Created by Jess Mann of Jess Mann Photography, this website and the corresponding facebook page have been re-branded in an effort to use an existing social network to promote Canadian made music, art, and community initiatives born out of quarantine, self isolation, or social distancing.

All of her previous posts remain intact.

“When things go back to normal I will return this page to normal, or evolve yet again.”


Jess Mann is a live music photographer based in Winnipeg, MB. She has spent a decade in local pits developing her unique photographic style which blends 90’s black and white film aesthetic with modern day techniques to capture outstanding candid moments of live performances. While primarily self taught, Jess is also a graduate of the Prairieview School of Photography diploma program. She has been featured in two RAW artists showcases. She has been published on Stylus.com and a selection of other online publications. She has also self published three art magazines which are currently not available for order due to the current global pandemic.